Friday, November 25, 2005


My biggest regret since starting into Medical Transcription has been my inability to get out into the forest. Well, tomorrow that changes.

Tomorrow, I will be in Mudumalai, hiking in a friend's undeveloped estate on the border of the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary.

This is the forest where twice in 2003 we came face-to-face with tigers. The second of those experiences was my daughter's first of a tiger in the wild. This is also the forest that we saw burning, with Ursula and Jan (Switzerland) in the drought of late February this year. We regularly have visitors come from all over the world to see the forests and to meet and study our forest's unique tribal peoples.

The real truth, though is that it isn't really the wildlife (plenty), nor the scenery (wonderful), nor even the camaraderie of a good hike, but just the undescribable total experience of being in the forest. Along with that comes a haunting sense that the next generation may not have any of this - for what little we have left is most certainly disappearing.



Anonymous said...

Hello Samji!

Had I known, I would have joined you!!!.... may be some time in the future at least .... ?

Anonymous said...

Sam you should have told me. Traitor!!!!!

I dont know if you have already come across this, still, check this interesting fact out.

Anonymous said...

Sam you should have told me. Traitor!!!!!!

I dont know if you have already come across this, still , check this interesting fact out.

Unknown said...

Rani, if you really wish to be included, I will be happy inform you of future censuses but I can't do that without some contact info. In future sign in and post rather than coming in as anon.


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