Monday, July 23, 2007

Living Poetry - Meet STACY BARTON

Some of this blog's (admittedly few) readers may have noticed that I do have a liking for poetry. As I explained in an earlier post, this particular bug started many years ago under the influence of one of my teachers, Dr. Jon Kamholtz of the University of Cincinnati.

Well, I met Stacy online last year at an emerging theology site called Open Source Theology (OST). It quickly became obvious that she was a real writer - someone who understands how to put the words together to communicate not just facts, but also feelings. Stacy Barton writes poetry (and she also does plays and short stories). Her latest sally is a collection of short stories called "Surviving Nashville".

Well, I visited her blog last week and found that in a couple of posts, she had very casually tossed up some fascinating poetry . With her permission, I am putting up the 'less finished' piece here in this post and another one (more finished?) further down in my sidebar.

So, here's June, which Stacy feels is less finished, or even unfinished. The idea of putting up an unfinished and unpolished poem is to allow any of my lucky readers to participate in finishing a 'living' poem. Well here's your chance! And a golden chance it is indeed. That rarest of things, a creative work in progress, and you get to participate!
So, if anyone wants to suggest some changes, or add a stanza or two, please go ahead and feel free, and if Stacy likes it, the poem may end up being properly published in one of her future collections (no promises)!


june means summer

which means kids and pools and sunscreen and sandy beaches
and hot dogs and popsicles
and sleeping in
and afternoon movies with the shades pulled.

summer also means forgetting to buy groceries
(thus the hot dogs)
or do the laundry
(thus the swimsuits)
or go to bed at a reasonable hour
(thus the sleeping in)

If you want to read more, then hunt your way down to the poetry section in my sidebar for Stacy Barton's "At Dusk"


Anonymous said...

how fun sam! and YES PLEASE, anyone, add another line or two or seven... about you sam! and aruna too?

Unknown said...

All those things that we'd rather forget,
Working and worrying,
Wages and bills

Anonymous said...

The sudden showers
bathing down
the trees

The thunders
percussing to the music of
the rains

A shooting star
drawing pencil line
across the bluest of blue skies

and the hush of fall,
not far behind,
to claim center-stage!

Anonymous said...

Sam I hadn't heard from you for a while and have been concerned you might be affected by the floods I have been hearing. Are you and your family ok?


Unknown said...

Ivan, we are doing fine. There has been very little flooding in the South of India, but other things have been keeping me a bit preoccupied and off the net. I will definitely be back with you shortly!


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