Saturday, December 15, 2007

How Do the RIGHT and LEFT Differ?

Greg Mankiw's Blog: How do the right and left differ?

I really enjoyed this clear and accurate summary of where 'right' and 'left' are currently facing off.

With the right and especially the libertarian right I would agree that big government is bad. But then who guarantees civil rights and justice? can it all be left to locally constituted bodies and to voluntarism?

A completely free (unregulated) market has its attractions and it also has its dangers. Especially, who protects the little fish from the bigger ones, or should we just let what happens happen and may the fittest survive?

Within academia it is felt that the left leaners outnumber (and also look down on) the more rightwardly oriented scholars. What do you think of this, and does it accurately reflect your own perception of our institutions of higher learning?

Lots to ponder indeed!
Thanks to Michael Kruse for posting this up on his own excellent blog: Kruse Kronicle and that’s also a link to his excellent new series on “Living Simply in Abundance”.


Michael Kruse said...

Thanks for the link, Sam!

Unknown said...

Michael, links on my blog are not that hot of a property, but you are most welcome and a big thanks for pointing out and blogging on the touchy topic of left and right.


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