Thursday, March 02, 2006

CADENZA Update 1

Individually experienced but as a unit, babies...Some months of production experience under our belt, the bugs have been handled, we have expanded our workforce, and our reputation is slowly growing as a competent, quality and time conscious, production force.

Cadenza is maturing fast and is ready to try some new compositions!
We are excited by the appreciation of our clients and we have increased our capacity to take on more work.

Here's an invitation to all "out there" - if you know of anyone who needs quality MT work, please do get in touch!


Anonymous said...

Great to know that Cadenza is going in the right direction. I would like to be a part of the upcoming firm. I have about 7 years of experience in editing MT files. I can't give more details here. My email Id is Please respond regarding the details of remuneration etc....

Ramesh Nair said...
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Anonymous said...

God helps us to make things go full blast. Are u from Asia? If so, what would u b interested in working for?

I am an RN on the verge of retiring, send ur personal resume and company profile with spare capacity available and financial statement of one year.

I am looking forward to outsoure work to an asian country. If proposal pleases u, reply STEP! EMRCP personal.

KTE of TAT neg to author verification and on demand of RIPT.

Arrangement of toll free number. Dictaphone and IUPT of author in trial PPTT.

Client reference to be forwarded to Ms Melody Marian, RN.

ISPAT of core competency of SPITOR to be forwarded.


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