Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The NEW "Chimpy" Troupe in D.C.

America’s sense of humour is making a comeback, and in honour of that one of our local (Indian) zoos, which hosts a bunch of chimps, has nicknamed the three leaders : George, Dick and Rummy !

But seriously this is such an insult to the real chimps. Endangered in the wild due to habitat loss and hunting, with far too many in captivity and used for anything from food and medical research to house pets, the chimpanzee is fast following the bonobo’s road to extinction.

Hardly loveable creatures, adult chimps can be very dangerous and have been known to prey on human infants too if given a chance. Perhaps that’s why the alpha male in that zoo has been dubbed Rummy!

Chimps are also capable of deep thought and of course are very intelligent. I would request my American friends to find a new nickname for your own current alpha male – chimpy is just not acceptable to chimp lovers! Perhaps “maximus” alone will do?

The fellow blogggers that set this off are: I-know-a-secret-that-george_b_doesn't and (Chimpy McFlightsuit)

And for more on REAL CHIMPS, check out these links:
NatGeo article
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Anonymous said...

Also a must read - Dark Nature by L Watson

Anonymous said...

A real insult, cdnt agree more lol


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