Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Might is RIGHT

Realpolitik argues that there can be no ethics in international affairs (nor in politics of any ilk). Politicians believe that they can always make a majority of the people believe that whatever they say is the truth. But, I don't believe that humankind is so predictable.

Just "another brick in the wall" is how Pink Floyd put it, as easy as leading a flock of sheep...For example, our journalists and social commentators are all very certain that GWB's new "lowest rating ever" is largely due to the continuing flow of negative news from Iraq. By implication, if Iraq were calm, GWB could have been considered a successful president!

Is that really all that there is? "The winner is always right", may be a classic neocon thought but have the public believed this? I really don't think that "the public" is as dumb as the media that serves them, believes.

Democracy in Iraq means the Shia domination of an important and strategic oil source. Furthermore, one could reasonably expect an axis of power to develop with the philosophical linking of two powerful neighbors, Iraq-Iran. Which truly is the stuff of the neocon-jewish lobby's worst nightmares. Knowing this President's penchant for using leaks to accelerate his spin, one could see the timely "leak" of plans to bomb Iran as a nice way to divert attention from the Iraq imbroglio. One might also suspect that our public may even begin to question why Iran having enrichment is any different from Pakistan, India and Israel who have been clandestinely developing these capabilities from the 1950s on and all of whom have both the bombs and the "delivery systems" well in place.

In the final analysis, the Katrina debacle probably did GWB more damage politically than the "far away" war in Iraq.

Pragmatism aside, doesn't one central question get consistently missed? Have the words "right" and "truth" lost their meaning for society? Thank God that however twisted or spun, the truth remains, and might can never mean the same as right.

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Anonymous said...

seriosly too serios!!


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