Sunday, February 24, 2013

Goodbye CREAM Hello Derek & the Dominos

Cream's farewell concert, Royal Albert Hall (London) 1968. A legendary group, they started hard rock & heavy metal, and then broke up...

A little over 60 minutes, and requiring eardrums of pure steel - Enjoy!

Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton, & Ginger Baker

Here's a bonus Vimeo on Clapton's early technique

And an extra special bonus, after 37 years, Cream came back for a reunion series again at RAH! Here's Badge from May 3, 2005...

After the Cream breakup, Eric Clapton and some friends formed Derek and the Dominos. Here's a fantastic live track from Live at the Filmore: Let It Rain

Enjoy the birth of Hard Rock... Turn that volume UP!

The sad demise of Jack Bruce on Oct 25, 2014, a rock legend -

Listen watch and be amazed

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