Saturday, March 09, 2013

The NDAA, Amber Lyon's Take - Great Memes

The United States president, Barack Obama, (POTUS) initially promised not to allow NDAA's indefinite detention sections to go into law, then suddenly surreptitiously signed it into law at a moment of great distraction (New Year's Eve 2011). Amber Lyons is a very well known reporter and now also a human rights activist. She lost a job by standing up for honest coverage of Bahrain's war on terror.

There's no doubt that the NDAA violates the constitution, and there's no doubt that it's provisions violate the bill of human rights, and no doubt at all that the press is being threatened and muzzled. But I'll let this short video speak for itself...

Needless to say both CNN & POTUS are/were miffed!

There are suspicions that the Justice Dept's haste indicates that NDAA's sections 1021 & 1022 are already in action...  Comment is free!

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