Saturday, June 15, 2013



Peoples of the Rest-of-the-World 

- Wake Up! 

There's absolutely no need to continue using 1st world 'free' technology and pay the price of free prying into all of our business. If the citizens of America & Europe are willing victims, that's their problem. Why should we continue to be dupes?

After all, Most (if not all) of the software that's used to spy on us by the 1st world 'tech giants', their firewalls, and even their operating systems, were built by 'our' engineers, were created by and are maintained by Pakistani, Indian, Filipino, Sri Lankan and myriad other 3rd world software engineers.

We do have to thank the NSA and their political bosses for having finally kicked us in the butt! There's no lack of entrepreneurship on our side, it's just been lulled to sleep. So, time to wake up, build up our own infra, set up our own enterprises, offer our own jobs, earn our own money, pay our own taxes, and... We can do a better job. We can build really FREE social nets, provide real value, and even build-in security that will make the FBI, CIA, MI5, NSA (...and whatever other security agencies are prone to pry, & their contractors), sweat blood.

It's truly ironic that I am putting up my own 'call to (data) independence' on the blogger that's owned by google, who in turn has been quietly handing MY private data to all takers including apparently the Brits, and never had the courtesy to ask my permission to do so. Of course, it's probably buried deep in the fine print of something I 'agreed to' when accepting their terms of service, so it's my own stupid fault!

I will also publicise this blogpost on facebook, twitter, and whatever other captive/compromised social media I can find, for this is the only option at present.

BUT if the rest-of-our-world's entrepreneurs would wake up, there's 5 Billion people in this world that are not citizens of the first world and who would be happy to have alternatives, yes - better alternatives, rather than to continue to sell off our secrets, our business plans, our family doings, and everything else, for free, and just because we were too lazy and too complacent to do anything about it.

In the meantime, there's plenty for first-worlders to consider about the real costs of their erstwhile war on terror, costs that every single one of their citizens is having to pay, and costs that are at bedrock only paid because of pure political hype!

In fact there's little doubt that it is these very costs that are indirectly, but surely, destroying these 'advanced' economies from within. Take for one example this WaPo article and try to digest what the author says.

And we, the peoples of the Rest-of-the-World, will not be so foolish. We will exact the political cost for any politico that tries the same dupe on us. We're not THAT dumb!

But, that's an aside.

Peoples of the free world, UNITE!

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